Graphic design prints R195 on White T-shirts and R250 on Colour T-shirts
Unisex T-shirt - Cocktails & Drinks Collection - TLS/TSH/BEVR025

Unisex T-shirt - Cocktails & Drinks Collection - TLS/TSH/BEVR025

R 195
Adult Sizes
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For those of us who really love beer, not like, love beer, there is something completely satisfying and relaxing about a cold beer, especially when it is needed the most. After a hard day of work, when you are tired and cranky, fed up with the grind, and ready to start an evening’s rest and relaxation, that first ice cold beer that hits the throat with smooth, soothing refreshment is not to be denied. You haven’t had that taste for a while, missed it for a long time, and when it finally arrives…ecstasy. It is the absence that makes the heart grow fonder, and the taste buds more acute.


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