Graphic design prints R195 on White T-shirts and R250 on Colour T-shirts
Unisex T-shirt - Suicide Prevention / Awareness - TLS/TSH/TLPUR_SPRIB010

Unisex T-shirt - Suicide Prevention / Awareness - TLS/TSH/TLPUR_SPRIB010

R 195
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Suicide awareness is a proactive effort to raise awareness around suicidal behaviours. It is focused on reducing social stigmas and ambiguity by bringing attention to suicide statistically and sociologically, and by encouraging positive dialogue and engagement to prevent suicide. Suicide awareness is linked to suicide prevention as both address suicide education and the dissemination of information to ultimately decrease the rate of suicide. 

Awareness is the first stage that can ease the need for prevention. Awareness signifies a fundamental consciousness of the threat, while prevention focuses on stopping the act. Suicide awareness is not a medical engagement but a combination of medical, social, emotional and financial counseling. Suicide awareness in adolescents focuses on the age group between 10–24 years, beginning with the onset of puberty.


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